Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What to do when the problem is intermittent self

It seems to be one of life's mysteries that happen at some point for each car owner: an intermittent problem that develops can not be recreated at the shop of the mechanic. It can be as simple as a dashboard light that flashes every so often or as serious as an engine stalls while driving on the highway at high speeds. Of course, with an intermittent light flashes no pattern and the engine does not always stall - only sometimes!

It 's very aggravating to make an appointment with a mechanic that requires you to take time off from work only to be told that the problem can not be found. How many car owners have left their car with the mechanic all day, which can not find any problem, only to reappear problem of the car after leaving the shop mechanic and get half way through? It can make you feel as if the car is haunted with poltergeist who believe a car with problems is fun.

Mr. Car ... Please Meet Mr. Mechanic

When you have an intermittent problem car, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money for self-diagnosis or repairs that do not address the real issue. Most people do not have the time or money to take a machine several times to the repair shop. On the other hand, sometimes the mechanic must try at least some repairs based on the description of the problem, if the car has become dangerous. For example, if a motor stops moving, the situation can obviously be very dangerous.

Before submitting an action plan to address the problems of intermittent car, keep in mind you can eliminate the aggravation of frequent trips to the repair shop using mechanical moving. A mechanic phone will be available with diagnostic equipment to the location of your car, no matter if it is the parking lot on the job, your driveway at home or on the shoulder of the road. There are many advantages to using a mobile mechanical repair shop of a traditional for the identification and repair of an intermittent problem car:

* Mechanic is able to control the basic components for cars closest to the time when the problem occurs.
Mechanic * can return every time you call, so you do not need to take time off from work or have to leave the house.
Mechanic * document the history of the times your car the problem occurs intermittently to reduce potential solutions.

The key to dealing with intermittent problems car is to establish a model that the mechanic can be used to identify the problem. Many common problems can be solved by a car as simple as common solutions. An experienced mechanic knows how to fix an intermittent problem often based on an accurate description.

For example, when a car engine turns, but does not start, it is usually due to one of a handful of problems.
* Defects or damage your computer or BCM
* Reel Bad
* Distributor Problems
* Ignition module broken
* In the absence of the fuel pump
* In the absence of fuel control system
* Starter, alternator or battery

If you tell the mechanic the car "does not start on cold mornings," but overlook the important fact it does "turn over", he or she lacks critical information. It may not seem important to you, but even small amounts of information can help the mechanic with the identification of the problem.

Establish Patterns
The following is an action plan for the management of intermittent car problems will not reoccur when the car is nowhere near a mechanic. First, it is possible, of course, try these components is believed to be the cause of the problem if you have a basic knowledge of car engines. But if you feel uncomfortable with car repairs, no matter how small, then right to the next step which is documenting models.