Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Top 10 Problems Typical car

 It 'hard to create this record type as the factors that go wrong on the machine are endless. This was not published with the negativity, but how many individuals have also informed of new vehicles by a factor or two can go incorrect.Not to call mature ones, an old car is like a man who ages, maturity is to get the becomes more irritated.

Here is a record with the first 10 numbers drive from our point of view. Not only are issues of technical characteristics, they are usually problems that generate you crazy:

1. Smooth auto issue revolves more common, but the easiest to solve. It often happens when less practical. Devices and have the right information to help yourself is essential.

2. Dead battery: how many of us have created this experience of despair when we put the key in the key and ... Nothing or click on the short. Especially during the winter season. A simple problem to solve, but it is best to avoid quickly changing the old power supply.

3. Starting problems: the machine turns on but does not start. The question can be set by yourself in a few minutes or it may take time and a general tone of cash. The record of potential causes is quite long.

4. Losses of various: leakage of oil, cooling liquid that comes out, break the leaking liquid etc. In most cases (if the flow is not serious) do not cause big problems during the generation. When you see them, get it set up, only one is more intense at the end.

5. Feeding problems and gadgets: these problems are revealed, as if the car is owned and managed by an evil ghost. Various bug, caution light indication at all, and diagnostic techniques unlimited car going up their thoughts are just some of the signs.

6. Indicator Problems: a problem of the machine that has the name.These more elegant view of the device are the ECU. Since it has turned to dust, moisture, frost, heat, etc. Cause most of the questions gadgets.

7. Bad belt courbe: creates high-pitched noise that gives you a fresh villain along the spine. Nothing serious, if the car is effectively managed not listen to it. Otherwise, it can create a lot of problems.

8. In the absence of light car (headlights, taillights): when the point of view of the machine when generating evening is reduced and the possibility to examine your point of view or reporting. The lighting front lighting is super simple to identify when to get rid off, the final enlightenment can go ahead does not work for several weeks (if you do not have the appropriate warning sprint). Create an examination of the signaling from time to time.

9. Damaged windscreen: you get in a second, but I usually watch for several weeks. When the crack occurs, resolve the problem right away, or your putting yourself and your travelers to danger.

10. Scratches and dents Minimum system looks like a little pimples on an otherwise wonderful. I look at you and say, "wow what a wonderful experience, but look at the pimples ....". Can be set with some techniques and correction of the body, perhaps minimal.

Read this hard and you know what issues you may have to drive the road or at home.