Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Battery Acid Supplier Information on the proper way to handle the problems of vehicle battery

The fastest way to make lead acid batteries is to discharge them completely useless and set them aside for a long time. The sulphate ions in the electrolyte to adhere to the plates of lead to form lead sulfate. Usually, this happens when the battery is used and unloading, but is reversed during charging process when sulfate ions are re-released and restored the metal plates of lead oxide. But after standing in long charged, the server loses the ability to go back in the sulphate acid electrolyte. On the contrary, the covering plates of lead sulfate which is a phenomenon that causes failure of the battery.

The car battery should be checked regularly to make sure they pay properly due to improper charging of these devices can reduce their life. Since the specific gravity of the acid solution may change while it is being used, it is also necessary to control the specific weight, which may fall below the typical value during instances of fast charge after being recycled deeply. This causes the acid may not mix with the electrolyte charged down.

Occasionally the fluid level can fall below normal which is an indication that water is lost from the electrolytic solution. Suppliers of battery acid is recommended that you should check the fluid level of lead batteries once every three months. You can add deionized water in car battery to replenish the water lost. Simple water is not recommended due to the presence of ions that could alter the consistency ion in the acid solution. However, it is not necessary to add water when the batteries are low. Just pour the water after charging them to prevent the acid electrolyte from overflowing and damage the unit.

Always make sure that the tops of the lead-acid batteries are clean and the cables must be fastened tight. But do not touch these cables when the battery is discharged or is being charged as a precaution. Assume that the hydrogen is generated during these processes, and if by chance there is a spark, the gas can explode and cause injury or damage the equipment. Therefore, do not do a little 'fiddling while the battery is running and if it is recharged.

Monitor the specific weight and equalize the charge in cases in which some cells display a disparity 0.05 specific gravity. It is however advisable to equalize sealed or gel ones.

To load specifications, contact your car battery, because there are specific instructions for a battery type.

Most of the problems of batteries of automobiles involve the wet-electrolytic cell. You can always consult the manufacturer of the battery acid to your needs and concerns of electrolyte from batteries. By working with the acid should be done with caution because it is a corrosive chemical and, therefore, are harmful to humans and the environment.